Innovation since 1969

Reliable and professional – our reputation
has grown over decades

BBE was founded in 1969 in Arnsberg, a community in Germany’s Sauerland region, at a time when deals were still concluded with a handshake and customer relationships often extended far beyond just business. We have held on to part of this mentality, keeping it alive in the modern business world. We are still known even today for close, reliable, and trustworthy cooperation with our customers and partners, some of which has lasted and grown over decades.

BBE – a fascinating history

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Right from the start, the team that founded BBE – Arno Bamberg and Wolfgang Bormann – had clearly defined priorities: While Arno Bamberg took care of the stroboscope product line, his partner Wolfgang Bormann built up the business area of industry representation. From the very beginning, he cooperated with the Italian company SIT S.p.A., which manufactures components for gas-powered products such as heating units, stoves, and grilling equipment. Since 1997 we have also been taking care of spare parts distribution for SIT, initiating the third business area at BBE.

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Think across industries – Take advantage of synergies

Today our specialty sectors include stroboscopes, white goods, heating/plumbing/air conditioning, and industrial kitchens, but our team, centered around Managing Director Michael Bamberg, nevertheless exhibits broad diversity within these areas. We look beyond the horizon, use our cross-industry expertise to the advantage of our business partners, and recognize and make use of synergies.

We bring more than a half century of experience and expertise into the development and production of our stroboscopes. Our customers appreciate our wide range of products as well as the quality and durability of our stroboscopes with flash lamps. To achieve these characteristics, we consciously use high quality components. And we are happy to accommodate special requests.